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The Sumo – Workout of the Week (WOW)

June 27, 2010

Your weekly endurance workout challenge.

– Warm up for 10 min

– Walking Lunges with Plates 3 x 30 (70lbs/50lbs).

– Ten 150m sprints with 90 sec rest between every sprint. Sprint time is included in your 90 sec rest!

– Rest 5 minutes


Pick which of the following two exercises you want to start out with first between push-ups and air squats.

For time…

20 squats, 1 push up, 19 squats, 2 push ups, 18 squats, 3 push ups. . . , 3 squats 18 push ups, 2 squats, 19 push ups, 1 squat, 20 push ups.

You can do the same in the reverse order starting with 20 push ups and ending with 20 squats. Remember that you have already done the walking lunges and sprints prior to this workout so choose carefully.

Push ups – full extension at top of the push ups, minimum triceps parallel to back on the way down (push ups from your knees won’t count, not going through the required range of motion will not count either).

Air squats – hips below knees on the way down, standing up straight on the way up (if your butt sticks out or you don’t squat low enough, it doesn’t count).

Post your best times to the comments section.

Due date: July 4th, 2010.



The Battle at Midway (Wednesday).Workout of the Week (WOW) June 23rd

June 24, 2010

Here we go again. Another Workout of the Week. This endurance workout consists of bodyweight exercises. Post your personal best time to “comments”

1) Warm-up. 10min on mode of choice (treadmill, spin, elliptical, rower, etc.)

Walking Lunges. 3 x 30 (M 70lbs/W 50lbs)

The Battle at Midway (Wednesday)

Complete the following exercises for time.

100 Push-ups from Knees*

100 Air Squats**

100 Abs Toe Touches***

100 Horizontal Jumps****

*A bonus of (-)1min will be given if all 100 push-ups can be completed from hands and feet. If not all 100 push-ups are completed from hands and feet, then no time bonus will be awarded. Regardless, chest must touch floor on eccentric portion and arms straight on concentric portion for rep to count.

** Hips below knees on eccentric phase, and hips through on concentric phase for rep to count.

*** Shoulders must come off the ground for rep to count.

**** Two foot takeoff and two foot landing must occur for rep to count. Can’t use momentum to carry you into the next jump.


SPC Workout of the Day (W.O.D.)

May 31, 2010

Try this high intensity endurance workout consisting of a combination of strength, cardio, and bodyweight exercises.

After a 10 minute warm-up consisting of light aerobic conditioning followed by dynamic stretching, try the following workout.

– Forward walking lunges (90lbs men / 50lbs women). 15 . 15 . 15 . 15 . 15 . 15

Complete the following 5 rounds for time.

– 200m run (if you don’t have 200m of running space, measure the length of the workout area and complete as many lengths as it takes to complete 200m

– 8 deadlifts (70% of max)

– 8 Burpees (chest must touch the floor on the way down, on the way up both feet must leave the floor and hands clap overhead for the rep to count)

SPC’s  WOD top 3 times.


1) Dr. Spina – 12.29

2) Marcel – 12:38

3) Brian – 13.56


1) Rina – 14.13

2) Lali – 14.56

3) Sara – 15.51

The Canadian Cricket Team training at Sports Performance Centres

November 25, 2009

See how Team Canada is preparing for the T-20 World Cup qualifying at SPC

Stability Push-up

November 19, 2009