SPC Workout of the Day (W.O.D.)

May 31, 2010

Try this high intensity endurance workout consisting of a combination of strength, cardio, and bodyweight exercises.

After a 10 minute warm-up consisting of light aerobic conditioning followed by dynamic stretching, try the following workout.

– Forward walking lunges (90lbs men / 50lbs women). 15 . 15 . 15 . 15 . 15 . 15

Complete the following 5 rounds for time.

– 200m run (if you don’t have 200m of running space, measure the length of the workout area and complete as many lengths as it takes to complete 200m

– 8 deadlifts (70% of max)

– 8 Burpees (chest must touch the floor on the way down, on the way up both feet must leave the floor and hands clap overhead for the rep to count)

SPC’s  WOD top 3 times.


1) Dr. Spina – 12.29

2) Marcel – 12:38

3) Brian – 13.56


1) Rina – 14.13

2) Lali – 14.56

3) Sara – 15.51


“Training with Pros” training tip with SPC’s Jeff Ransome – Aired on the FIGHT Network

May 6, 2010


SPC’s Jeff Ransome on “Training with Pros” on the FIGHT Network

April 23, 2010

Jeff discusses “Cardio Boxing”….common mistakes, and how to improve training effect to activate core muscles


SPC’s Dr. Spina on “Training with Pros” on the FIGHT network

April 23, 2010

Dr. Spina discuses injuries caused by skipping without supportive footware…a common occurance in combative athletes

Dr. Spina wins a bet…..46.5 inch vertical

February 5, 2010


….what are you doing with your trainer?????

SPC’s Chris de Sousa Costa performs the deadlift with 330lbs

February 1, 2010

SPC trainer and Canadian Karate Team member Chris de Sousa Costa deadlifts 330lbs…

SPORTS PERFORMANCE CENTRES conditioning…what are you doing with your trainer?????

SPC workout of the week….”The Accomplishment”

January 26, 2010

Accomplish the following:

1.  300 Push ups

2.  200 Bodyweight deep squats

3.  150 Chin ups

4.  15 cumulative minutes of planking

…..in UNDER 1 HOUR

Try it…..we dare you !!!!!!

SPORTS PERFORMANCE CENTRES….what are you doing with your trainer???

SPC Stength & Conditioning specialist Colin Berenhaut blogs from senior Canadian Cricket team’s training and qualifier preparation camp in Sri Lanka

January 21, 2010

Day 4- January 13, 2010

Dear Canada,

Lets make a deal. You send us snow; I will send you 25o of Sri Lanka heat.


Team Canada Cricket

Just another day at the office for Cricket Canada, the only difference is the change of venue. We moved training to the Home of Tamil Union Cricket Club. The field and complex is great and the training intensity has picked up accordingly. In order to minimize travel time and improve efficiency of the day we remained at the complex after the first 3-hr session. The team enjoyed another nutritious lunch and a recovery session of pool work and ice baths.  After finishing the second session of fielding it was back to the resort for some R&R.

With temperatures reaching upwards of 38o Celsius you would think that the boys of winter would be feeling the effects of the heat. Wrong. Even through the intense net and fielding sessions the boys are finding their groove and growing each day. Timing is improving, fitness is great, and hands are toughening up.  The other nations should be weary.

Day 5- January 14, 2010

Good Morning Canada! It was another very good day of training highlighted by a performance in the nets by the ace himself- Rizwaan Cheema. He hit so many balls out of The Oval, I was worried we would run out for the rest of squad. At one point we had three locals out scouring the parking lot for balls that were hit over the grandstands.

The bowlers had the day off to recover from the previous day but the bats were on fire. Other notable performances were by ?Big H?, Henry Osinde and not for his bowling but rather his power as he found his swing and timing. And Umar Bhatti and Ashish Bagai found their groove with some crushing hits over the stadium walls.

After three intense days of training we decided to give the guys a well deserved afternoon off to recharge and enjoy the relaxing environment they are growing accustom to at the Cinnamon Grand Resort.

Day 6- January, 15, 2010

The session started well with some great news from the U-19 World Cup after Canada defeated Zimbabwe. A round of applause came from all of the Senior Team when word spread that they had won.

An intense marathon session was in store for the boys after four hours of net sessions and fielding work the guys were drained. Fatigue was beginning to set in as the day came to an end and ice baths were enjoyed all around. Luckily the heat was bearable today as we were treated to a rare Solar Eclipse.

Day 7- January 16, 2010

Gooooooooooooooooaaaallllllllll!!! Oops wrong sport, Dr. Gio and I were treated to our very first live Cricket match and as part of Canada Cricket we are a perfect; 1 WIN and 0 LOSSES. After an intense hour fielding session the boys suited up for a friendly match against the local RBC Cricket team. Their fitness would be tested as they had only an hour and a half to recover and get ready to play in the blistering heat.

After some stellar batting by Trevin and El Capitano- Ashish Bagai, the boys finished the 20-Overs quite well for their first outing. With some amazing fielding by Sunil ?Danny-Tony-Sunny? Danirham and Trevin and some great bowling by KC, Umar, and Shaheed, the Boys of Winter took home the first win of the tour and earned themselves a full days rest tomorrow.

Day 8- January 17, 2010

Train hard…Rest hard!!! Welcome to Camp Cricket by Colin. The boys earned a day to sleep in after an extremely hard week of two-a-day training sessions in the heat. At 10am we hopped on the team bus; Destination: BEACH RESORT. After the 2-hour ride the team embarked on the Palm Gardens Resort in southern Sri Lanka; home to a stretch of beach that is among Asia?s Top 10 Tourist Destinations.

Today was a day to remember, a team building event that pitted the Batsman (and me) vs. The Fast Bowlers (and Gio) in a friendly game in search of the funniest story and the best picture. The results of the day have not been revealed. However, my suspicion is that we were the clear victors.

In any event, it was a great day that brought the boys together for some fun and bonding away from the cricket grounds.

Tomorrow its back to business with a hard gym session with yours truly and afternoon net/fielding sessions back at our home away from home- away from home- Tamil Union Cricket Club


SPC’s Colin Berenhaut director of sports science for Cricket Canada blogs from Sri Lanka…

January 19, 2010

Colin Berenhaut is the Director of Sports Science for Cricket Canada and the senior team’s strength and conditioning coach.  He is responsible for the implementation of physical preparation procedures and providing Sport Science support to both the athletes and coaching staff. Colin is a former Canadian National Soccer Team member and Partner/Director of Strength and Conditioning at SPC Sports Performance Centres Ltd.

Colin blogs from the senior team’s training and qualifier preparation camp as Island Slang returns to the tropical Island of Sri Lanka.

Day 1- January 10, 2010

The Cricket Canada team finally arrives in Colombo, Sri Lanka after a long 24hr journey from Toronto to Colombo via Dubai.

As anticipated the service and flight on Emirates Airlines was as impressive as all the stories we had heard. With over 500 channels at our leisure, extra spacious seating, and delicious food the long trip was very comfortable and enjoyable.

Upon arriving at the airport in Colombo our baggage was waiting for us as we approached the baggage claim, something very unusual to Canadians who travel through Pearson Airport.

The heat of Sri Lanka hit me like a freight train, if the Toronto weather was at one end of the climate spectrum the Colombo heat was on the other, but I will take it, after shovelling myself out of the drive way a week before I was more than ready for some tropical weather.

As we approached the hotel/palace/paradise we will call home for the next 26 days, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The grounds are impeccable, inclusive of a lagoon that is home to thousands of huge gold fish, pools that would make any resort goer jealous, and a gym/spa that makes this Conditioning Coach VERY happy.

Upon arrival, business began. After a short but intense fitness session the men of Cricket Canada were ready for a night of recovery from jet lag and time to get focused on the task at hand….becoming champions of the 2010 WT20Q.  

Day 2- January 11, 2010

The schedule begins before the sun comes up at 600am. It?s too bad my good friend and team Doctor, Gio or as the boys refer to him, ?Tony? ? due to his Italian heritage – woke me up at 440am because he changed his watch to the wrong time, it’s a good thing he has a better grasp of medicine then he has on technology.

Since I was up anyhow, we headed down for a quick breakfast at the incredible spread we will be privy to for the duration of the stay.

The guys met us at the gym for daily morning weigh ins, blood pressure, and heart rate monitoring that they will get used to performing every day.

Gio and I are taking every precaution and measure to assist the guys in recovery and in order to do so we will be monitoring these variables to check for overtraining and de-hydration.

In the afternoon, the tempo for the remainder of the tour was set during the 5 hour team meeting. The players listened to several great motivational presentations including ones from Coach Pubudu and team Analyst Rathan.

The Sports Science team of Gio and myself, used this opportunity to teach the athletes about proper Nutrition, Hydration, Training, and Injury prevention in order to help them with recovery during the intense camp that was in store.

The meeting session was of great motivation and one thing was understood. This trip was business with the goal and the expectation being success. Anything less was unacceptable.

Day 3- January 12, 2010

Damn its HOT!!!!! The Sri Lanka heat combined with humidity took a toll on the boys in their first session or at least it took a toll on me. Come ten in the evening after 2 sessions I was bagged, I can only imagine how they felt.

In the morning the team took to the nets at Moors Cricket Club, with some damp conditions from the rain the night before- it was said that the conditions were not optimal. The guys battled through it and worked really well getting used to the conditions including for some working on grass fields for the first time since last summer, enduring the extreme heat, and the intense training session prior to technical session.

The afternoon session had the boys working on fielding. Starting off a bit rusty generally because of the long layoff over the Canadian winter they worked hard through it and finished the session off with some great exchanges.

A night of rest was well deserved and needed by all… including the coaching staff.

Team Canada Cricket squad…..GO CANADA GO !!!!!!!!!!!!

January 7, 2010

SPC head trainer Mr. Colin Berenhaut puts the Canadian Cricket team through the ringer as they prep for the Twenty20 World Cup Qualifications held in Dubai, UAE in February 2010.