Cricket Canada & Sports Performance Centres….status update

Since signing on with Cricket Canada in November, SPC has been working diligently to implement their philosophies and systems into the Cricket Canada organization. With several major Tours on the near horizon time has been at a premium to organize, test, and prepare the teams for competition.

Phase 1

The initial stages of development have focused on getting the Men’s Senior Team tested and prepared for Twenty20 World Cup Qualifications held in Dubai, UAE in February 2010. All local athlete’s have undergone comprehensive testing which included a thorough orthopedic testing protocol that identified many fundamental biomechanical movement deficiencies as well as muscular imbalances, firing pattern inefficiencies and major muscular weaknesses.

The second part of the testing battery included field testing measures to assess individual fitness levels. After testing the athletes individual programs were created and handed out to each athlete. Athletes are required to train individually and given access to the High Performance Centres at SPC Thornhill and SPC Mississauga.

The second stage included the testing of Canada’s Women’s Pool. Baseline fitness levels have been established with the Ontario athletes, while contact has been made with the BC based athletes who will soon be assessed. The idea of gathering information on all athletes will allow Cricket Canada to monitor cricketers across Canada and insure high standards are met for all National Cricket members.

The final stage of Phase 1 has included the development of the first part of Cricket Canada’s Sports Science Manual which includes modules on the World Anti Doping Association Policies and Procedures and Hydration and Nutrition. The final Sports Science Manual will also include modules on Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention.

Phase 2

Plans for the second phase will include the development of relationships with provincial partners and local service providers for their athletes. SPC will also be working to complete the Sports Science Manual and continue developing systems of monitoring and training competitive cricketers identified for their pool.

Establishing expectations of physical fitness needs to be a priority for all coaches across the country in order to take Canadian Cricket to the next level. Implementing intense, effective, and scientific training programs prepares our cricketers both physically and mentally, thus allowing them to compete at a higher level.

Look for the Sports Science Blog that I will be keeping during the Sri Lanka and Dubai Tour in the New Year.

Keep training and keep working, anything worth doing is never easy. Happy Holidays and a Fit New Year!

Colin Berenhaut, BESS, CSCS, CEP, CK

Director Sports Science, Cricket Canada

Director, SPC – Sports Performance Centres


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