Which Pillow should I buy??????

A question commonly asked to SPC practitioners is which pillow offers the most support and comfort.  There are hundreds of pillows on the market, many claiming to be orthopedic pillows that both align the spine, and give you the best nights sleep.  When considering the scientific research comparing which pillow is best the answer is……..we have no idea!! 

The best advice that we can give regarding this topic is to select a pillow that maintains your head and shoulders at a 90 degree angle.  That means that the pillow should take up the entire space between your shoulder and your neck.  Any smaller and the neck will bend laterally towards the bed…and bigger and your head will be bent away from the bed.   Both of these scenarios mean that you will wake up with stiffness and soreness.

Some pillows, such as the water pillows offer an added bonus in that you can add, or take away water until you find the exact amount that will hold your head at 90 degrees to your shoulder (while sleeping on your side). 

If you have further questions regarding pillow selection, book an appointment with your SPC practitioner today.


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One Response to “Which Pillow should I buy??????”

  1. Dr. Wayne Button Says:

    Just had a patient ask me this yesterday while coming in with acute stiffness after sleeping with her son who was having nightmares. Maybe now when I say I have no idea..she’ll understand im not alone. There is nothing out there.

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